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Set of 2 New 13x5.00-6 Flat-Free Lawn Mower (Deck 36"-46") Smooth Tire w/Steel Rim Fits 9277 483049 482503 B1WL55 9605,Bore 3/4" or 5/8"&Hub 3.25-5.9"

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$139.96 - $145.96
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  • Exquisite Construction: Our flat-free 13x5 00-6 tire is made of solid, polyurethane foam. You are buying (2) Set brand new Flat Free Smooth pattern residential grade flat free wheelbarrow tire w/Steel Rim Hub Length 3.25"-3.75”-5.68"-5.9" adjustable via attached metal spacers & with 3/4" Infused Oil Grease Bushing Installed (13 x 5.00-6"). 

    Specifications: Our residential13x5.00-6 flat free tire and wheel are engineered with outside Diameter (in.): 12.8, tire size: 13 x 5.00-6, rim size (in.): 6, tread type: Smooth, load capacity (lbs.): 450, bore diameter (in.): 3/4" Heavy-duty Infused Oil Grease bushing Installed, Hub Width (in.): 3.25"-5.9", Tire Type: Solid flat-free, Bearings Included: Grease Bushings.

    Durability and Wear Resistance: 13x5.00-6 Universal flat-free lawn mower tires Zero Turn Front Wheel Assembly with Smooth Tread is engineered with a high-quality construction providing excellent durability and wear resistance. Lightweight heavy-duty Flat-free tires on wheels are non-marking and have the bounce and feel of pneumatic tires without ever getting flat. Load handling characteristics are similar to air-filled tires with better reliability and durability than a solid tire.

    Maintenance-Free: Ensuring NO FLATs year after year, protects against punctures and blowouts, no need to check air pressure, add air, or fix tire puncture. Save your time and make you relax in tire care! It is a wise option replacement tires for lawn mowers in this regard that are able to improve safety and cost-effectiveness.


    1. Not for highway use. Not for finish mowers or any trailer-type carts. Not for static load-bearing.
    2. Before placing an order, please confirm all dimensions (tire size, hub length, and axle and bushing size) required by your device and grade by the deck size to avoid wrong purchase & return.



    Size: Bore φ3/4" or 5/8"
    How to pick the right tire for me?

    1. Tire size (overall diameter & width);

    2. Axle/bore diameter, if there is a rim;

    3. Hub length, if there is a rim;

    4. Grade. By reading the sidewall of your original tire or checking the device maker's official website, you can clarify the above 3 different parts sizes and its grade. "Grade" means residential or commercial.

    5. Max load, specified in every model "Technical Specification". By the same size, solid/flat-free PU tires usually can only bear a HALF load of rubber air-filled/pneumatic tires.

    NOTE: NEVER EVER put the residential tire on a commercial device. One quick tip to tell a commercial lawnmower: obvious size difference between the front and rear tires, most Ferris brand lawnmowers are commercial.

    Size: 13x5.00x6" 13X5.0X6" 13X5X6" 13X5.00-6" 13X5.0-6" 13X5-6"

    Tire Type: Solid flat-free

    Tread Pattern: T161 (Smooth)

    Hub Length: 3 1/4" (3.25") - 3 3/4" (3.75") - 5 11/16" (5.68") - 5 29/32" (5.9") Adjustable with attached Metal Spacers

    ID: 3/4" or 5/8" Bushing Bore Installed and grease fitting

    Bore Diameter (in.): 3/4" or 5/8"

    Outside Diameter (in.): 12.8

    Rim Size (in.): 6

    Load Capacity (lbs.): 450/tire

    Bearings Included

    Bushings included